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The Various Kinds Of Rocking Chair That You Can Buy

If you are looking for a rocking chair to buy then you might want to know the different styles of rocking chairs that can be bought before you move on forward. You will be grateful of yourself if you take some time to get to know more about these popular chairs.

Rocking chairs do come in a variety of styles mainly resulting from the different creativity of rocking chair manufacturers in coming up with a design that would appeal to the varied tastes of the users. Although these chairs share a common configuration that makes them rock backward and forward in a slow but relaxing motion, they may vary in features, sizes, prices, and materials. However though, some people cannot differentiate between a rocking chair and a gliding rocker.

The Three Rocking Chair Types

Classic Rocking Chairs – these are the ones that are of the fixed type configuration just like those rickety-looking rocking chairs used by our forefathers in the olden times. Basically, these are those with curved bands of wood attached to the chair legs which makes it possible to ‘rock’ the chair back and forth. Usually made from fine wood (pine, teak, mahogany, maple, etc.), these chairs are bulky in appearance and typically possess a classical antique radiance. However though, contemporary folding rocking designs have been introduced making a big number of styles suitable for modern home settings. If you have been at any Cracker Barrel diner, then you can see these rocking chairs lined up their frontage area.

Gliding Rockers – these are innovative types of rocking chairs that are gaining popularity. Some also refer to them as swing seats. Although these are the most expensive types of rocking chairs, their modern designs make them blend well with other modern furniture and modern living room settings as well. They usually come in modern upholstery and leather finishes. What differentiate them from the classic ones are their base mechanisms. Instead of curved bands attached to the chair legs, gliders utilize a four-bar linkage mechanism which simulates the ‘rocking motion’ of a classic rocking chair. Furthermore, gliders are generally safer considering that the chances of your toe getting caught under the curved bands of wood (like those in classic rocking chairs) are virtually eliminated. Being so, if you have the budget to go for these types of rockers for use in your living room then they would probably be among your big investments.

Folding Rocking Chairs – these types of rockers are usually configured for portability and convenience. That is, you can take them almost anywhere you’d want them to be. These can be perfect for a lazy afternoon at the porch or patio. They can also be suitable for taking to your favorite picnic grounds or campsite. Most folding rocker frames are made from lightweight materials such as aluminum and other lightweight alloys. These frames are configured in such a manner that the whole chair assembly can be folded up. Although, custom wooden frames can also be available, the popular ones are those made from lighter yet durable materials.


The classic types can be available between $70 to $150 depending on the size and type of wood used in the frames. However, flashier designs such as those with bigger frames, antique styles, and with upholstered seat pans and back rests can cost up to $300.

The folding types are generally the cheapest of the three types of rocking folding chairs. However though, being cheap does not mean inferior quality. These folding types are definitely among the most durable piece of portable seating solutions that you could own. The prices of these types usually range between $30 up to $70. Keep in mind that these chairs are designed for portability and not for use as a fine furniture piece where you can show it off to your guests and visitors.

Lastly, gliding rockers commonly carry hefty price tags usually ranging from $200 up to $500 per piece due to their large sizes and the elegant upholstery in them. Generally, those that belong to the higher price brackets are made from fine leather with fine solid wood as their bases.

Popular Brands And Where To Buy Them

There are literally dozens of brand names that you will come across as you go on canvassing for a rocking chair. But the most popular brands are Ashley Furniture, Dutailier, Ethan Allen, La Z Boy (yep, they are also into rocking chairs), and Shermag. These brand names have been consistent with the quality of their furniture pieces making them stand out among the rest.

There are many big furniture sellers that have large showcases of rocking chairs. Names such as Sears, Target, Overstock, Stacks and Stacks, and JcPenney are some of the biggest online stores that have rocking chairs in their inventory. However though, there are also other big online stores that specialize in selling furniture products such as The Home Depot and Hayneedle Stores. On the contrary, there are some of you who might want to look at your prospective rocking chair purchases up close and personal to have an actual look and feel of your prospective purchase. Being so, you could always visit the showrooms of major furniture outlets and do your shopping the good old fashioned way.

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