Folding Chairs | Folding Chairs – What Are They?

Folding Chairs – What Are They?

Folding chairs are those which are collapsible or, simply put, foldable. This unique characteristic makes them be stored or be stacked away with great ease and convenience. There are several designs and colors of this type of chair but whatever the design or mechanism used, the ultimate goal of the design is to make them foldable or collapsible in one or two strokes at the most. With regards to their size and weight, they are usually sized no bigger nor heavier than the average chair.

In quite many instances, they are the primary preference by many households and businesses due to their countless advantages over standard fixed chairs. They are mostly ideal for gatherings in homes, camping, picnic, beach outings, conferences, seminars, assemblies, group trainings, workshops, and parties just to name a few. Storage convenience, lesser space requirements, versatility, and ease of usage are normally associated with them. That is why they are selling like hotcakes ever since they came into existence. Business establishments, especially in the food and hospitality industry, have at least a few dozen of commercial folding chairs or folding banquet chairs in their inventory. Furthermore, many offices and corporate entities usually have a big number of folding office chairs either stashed or used in their workplaces.

Material Composition

Today, there are several types of these popular foldable seats with varying designs and material composition. But nonetheless, whatever they are made of, they all have the same structural feature.

One of the most popular are those made of plastic. They are mainly constructed out of polypropylene plastic resins thereby making them durable and weather-resistant. Due to their lightweight structure, they can be deployed and put back into storage with great ease even in greater numbers. Their ability to withstand the harsh elements make them ideal for outdoor use in any weather condition making them among the suitable choice if you happen to be looking for outdoor folding chairs.

Wooden folding chairs are also preferred by many, perhaps because of the fact that they tend to blend well to the ambience of many indoor and outdoor settings. However though, being more susceptible to damage brought by sunlight and water, they are mostly used indoors. The most popular wood used in their designs is teak. Teak folding chairs are known to be highly durable because of the dense characteristics of teak wood. In some models, these chairs may have leather padded seat pans that adds an accent. True enough, many folding leather chairs have wooden frames made from teak wood.

Those made of metal have proven to be the most durable but they tend to be heavier and may cost more. They are mostly made up of lightweight aluminum alloy. One well-known brand for these types of chairs is Virco. However though, present breakthroughs in metallurgy have led to the creation of much lighter alloys. In addition, most designs may come with a soft cushion on the seat pans thereby adding a level of comfort which makes metal padded folding chairs among the first choice for many people.

Different Names According To Varied Uses

Folding lawn chairs – as their name imply, are primarily used in many lawn settings. They come in a wide array of designs, colors and material.

Folding beach chairs – whenever the family has the urge to go to the beach, they can certainly go very handy and useful. They are perfect in any beach activities.

Folding arm chairs – mostly used in classroom settings such as in schools and universities as well as in business seminars and other classroom type undertakings.

Array Of Folding ChairsFolding rocking chair – the favorite of grandma and grandpa. They can take these portable rocking chairs wherever they want to go with ease and convenience.

Folding camping chairs – camping activities won’t be complete and enjoyable without this. Many designs are ‘ folding chairs in a bag ‘ types.

There is an abundant pool of online information and reviews for a big number of folding chair styles and designs. If you are looking to buy folding chairs that would address your seating needs, searching the internet for comparative pricing, sales promo, bargains, cheap folding chairs, popular brand names (i.e., Virco folding chairs, Samsonite vinyl folding chairs, Coleman, etc.), and wholesale purchases has become so much easier these days. Normally, one could almost always find the perfect style and design suited for a wide variety of household, outdoor, and commercial needs.

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