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The Innovative Folding Backpack Chair

The invention of backpack folding chairs has added a great deal of convenience and comfort to a lot of outdoor activities. Be it camping, hiking, going to the beach, or just a simple family picnic have been made more comfortable. Despite its simple yet creative design, this folding chair has been a great innovation. It literally changed the whole meaning of a portable chair. Currently, this backpack chair has been gaining popularity due to its very lightweight and versatile characteristics.

The backpack folding chair is actually designed to be carried like a backpack when folded up. The backpack straps are creatively built either into the back portion of the chair frame or under the seat pan. It’s really a pretty simple design but very creative and innovative. This is great if you are using these chairs for relaxing in after a short hike, going to the beach, or other places where you do not want to have to carry them in your hands. All you have to do is strap these chairs to your back and wear them like a backpack until you get where you are going and then you can simply unfold them and take a seat.

There are various backpack folding chair brands out in the marketplace appearing in various colors, sizes, and configurations. The most popular ones include  Blue Ridge, EZ Backpack Chairs, and Kelsyus. Of course, prices can vary (between $15 and $46) depending on the sizes and features. Some will have added convenience features such as armrests, cup holders, foot pads, and even built-in canopies (perfect for the beach).

Looking for places to buy such type of folding chairs has never been so convenient and quick with the advent of the internet. Reputable sellers of these types of chairs already have online stores making it very easy to compare prices, shop around, and do the ordering. Reputable online stores like Nextag, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, and Amazon usually have these chairs in their stocks. Moreover, there are several other reputable online stores that specialize in selling all sorts of chairs you can think of. Specialty stores like,, and are the most popular ones. However though, if you want to get the actual look and feel of the backpack chairs you may already have in your sights, you could always visit some furniture outlets and outdoor specialty shops in your locality. Almost often, they may have a good number of designs, brands, and models of backpack folding chairs in their inventory.

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